Privacy Policy

This website collects some of their users’ personal data.

Quick summary

Personal data are collected for the following reasons, using the following services:

  1. To contact the user (contact module)

Personal data collected: zip code, city, surname, email, address, name, phone number, various data

  1. Hosting and backend infrastructure
    • Cloudflare
    • Sendinblue
    • SiteGround

Personal data collected: various kind of data according to what explicitly stated in our privacy policy for the above mentioned services

  1. Interaction with social network and outside platforms

“Like” buttons and Facebook widget, Instagram widget

Personal data collected: cookie, usage data

  1. SPAM protection
    • Google reCAPTCHA
    • Cloudflare

Personal data collected: cookie, usage data

  1. Remarketing and behavioral targeting

Google analytics

Personal data collected: usage data, tracking tool

  1. Mailmarketing and newsletter


Personal data collected: name, surname, email, phone number, city, usage data, tracking tool

  1. Content view from external platforms
  • Google Fonts

Personal data collected: usage data, various kind of data according to what explicitly stated in our privacy policy for the above mentioned service

  • Font Awesome

Personal data collected: usage data

  • Widget Google Maps

Personal data collected: cookie, usage data

  • WordPress

Personal data collected: cookie, usage data

Contact information

Responsible of data treatment

RiparaOra, Via Centonze 68 (68, Centonze Road), 98122 Messina (Italy)
VAT number 03553920830
Owner’s email address:

Extended policy

Type of collected data

Among the personal data collected from this application, autonomously or through third parties, you can find: cookie, usage data, name, surname, phone number, address, email, zip code, various kind of data, city, business sector.

A detailed description of each type of collected data is available in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy page, or alternatively on specific informative texts that are shown right before such data are collected.

Personal data can be freely delivered by the user or, in case of usage data, directly collected during the use of this application. Unless specifically stated, all the data requested by this application are mandatory. If the user refuses to make them available, it could be impossible for the application to render its service. In cases in which the application points out some data as optional, users can refrain from communicating them, without any consequence on the availability or operational capacity of the service itself.

Users having any doubt on what is mandatory or not are encouraged to contact the owner.

The potential use of cookie – or other tracking tools – from the application or from the owners of outside services used by this application, unless specifically stated, has the purpose of offering the service as requested from the user, together with additional purposes described in this document and in the privacy policy, if available.

The user takes full responsibility of personal data about third parties, that were obtained, published or shared through this application, guaranteeing the right to communicate or share them, leaving the owner with no responsibility towards third parties.

Mode and place of processing the collected data

Processing mode

The owner adopts all the necessary security measures to prevent the access to, divulgation, modification or non-authorized destruction of personal data. The processing is done through telematic and/or computer facilities, with organizational mode and logics strictly related to the above mentioned objectives.

Apart from the owner, in some cases some other individuals working within the setting of such application may get access to such data (administrative staff, commercial staff, marketing department, law department, system admins), or in some cases even outside individuals (like third party suppliers, carriers, hosting provider, IT companies, marketing agencies) that may be, when necessary, responsible for processing. An updated list with all those responsible for this can be requested to the owner at any time.

Legal basis of the processing

The owner will process user’s personal data in case one of the following conditions is triggered:

  • The user gave his consent to one or more specific purposes. Notice that is some legislations, the owner may be authorized to process personal data without user’s consent or without any other legal base following here, until the user objects (“opt-out”) to such treatment. However, this is not applicable in the case in which personal data processing is regulated by the European legislation on personal data protection.
  • The processing is needed to execute a contract with the user and/or to execute precontractual agreements
  • The processing is needed to comply with a legal duty to which the owner is subject to
  • The processing is needed to perform an action of public interest or for the owner to exercise public authority
  • The processing is needed to pursue the legitimate interest of the owner of or third parties.

In any case, it is possible to ask the owner for clarifications on the concrete legal basis of each treatment, and in particular to specify if the processing is required by law, required by a contract or if it is necessary to enforce a contract.


Data are processed at the owner’s premises and in any other place the parties involved in the processing are located. For further information, feel free to contact the owner.

User’s personal data could be transferred in a different country from the one in which the user is located. To obtain further information on the processing place, the user can make reference to the section related to the details of the personal data processing.

The user has the right to obtain information related to the legal basis of the transfer of such data outside the European Union or to an international public law organization constituted by two or more countries, like the UN. The user has also the right to obtain information on the security measures adopted by the owner to protect such data.

The user can verify whether such mentioned transfer is made or not, by examining the section on this document related to the transfer details, or ask directly to the owner, by contacting him through the contact information mentioned at the beginning of this section.

Retention period

Data are treated and retained as long as it is needed for the purposes for which they were collected.

For this reason:

  • Personal data collected for the purpose of executing a contract between the owner and the user will be retained until the execution of the contract itself is fulfilled.
  • Personal data collected for purposes that trace back to the legitimate interest of the owner will be retained up to the fulfillment of such interest. The user can obtain further information on the legitimate interest pursued by the owner in the related sections of this document or alternatively he may contact the owner. When processing is based on user’s consent, the owner can retain personal data for a longer period, up to the moment in which such consent is denied. Moreover, the owner could be forced to retain personal data for a longer period, as requested by law or by a legal authority.

At the end of the retention period, personal data will be cancelled. For this reason, once such term expires, the right to get access to, the right to cancel, the right to modify and the right to portability of such data cannot be exercised anymore.

Purpose of the processing of personal data

User data are collected to allow the owner to supply the service, to comply with law requirements, to answer to executive actions or requests, to safeguard his own interests and rights (or those of third parties), to detect any malicious or intentional activity, together with the following purposes: to perform statistics, to contact the user, to interact with social network and outside platforms, for hosting and backend infrastructure, to protect from SPAM, to manage tags, to display contents from outside platform, to perform remarketing and behavioral targeting, and to allow for mail marketing campaigns and newsletter services.

To obtain detailed information on the purpose of the processing of personal data, and how they are treated for each purpose, the user can make reference to the section called “Details on the processing of personal data” or in case contact the owner.

User’s rights

The users are granted some rights with reference to the data processed by the owner. In particular, the owner has the right to:

  1. Deny his consent any time he wants. The user can deny his consent to the processing of his personal data, even if previously agreed. He has also the right to object to the processing of his personal data. The user can do so when this happens on a legal basis which is different from the one agreed upon at the beginning of the contract. Further details on the right to deny are indicated in the following section.
  2. The user has the right to obtain information on data processed by the owner, on specific issues of the processing phase and has also the right to receive a copy of the processed data, to verify them and ask for changes.
  3. The user can verify the accuracy of his own data and ask for an update or an adjustment. How to obtain a limit on the processing? When such conditions are fulfilled, the user can ask for a limitation on the processing of his data. In this case, the owner will not treat such data for any other purpose rather than their retention. How to obtain cancellation or removal of data? When certain conditions are met, the user can ask the owner to cancel his data.
  4. Receive data or have them transfer to another owner. The user has the right to receive his own data in a structured manner, of common use and readable from an automatized device and, when technically feasible, to obtain the transfer in the smoother way possible to another owner. This condition is applicable when data are processed by automatized tools and the processing is based on user’s consent, on a contract in which the user is one of the parties involved or on contracting measures connected to him. Make a claim. The user can make a claim to the competent authority in charge of checking for data protection or eventually act on a judicial basis.

Details on the right to object

When personal data are treated for the public interest, according to public authority granted to the owner or to pursue a legitimate interest of the owner, users have the right to object the processing for reasons that are connected to their particular situation.

Please note that the users, in the case in which their data are processed for marketing purposes, can object to the processing without providing any further explanation. To find out whether the owner processes such data for marketing purposes or not, they can make reference to the specific sections of this document.

How to enforce user’s rights?

To enforce their rights, users can send a request to the contact information of the owner provided at the beginning of this document. Requests are free and they will be answered to by the owner as soon as possible, usually within a month.

Cookie Policy

This application uses tracking tools. To find out more about it, the user can look at the section “Cookie Policy”.

Further information on processing

Following a user’s request, next to the information available in this privacy policy section, this application may render to the user some relevant additional information related to specific services, as well as to the collection and treatment of personal data.

System logs and maintenance

For functioning and maintenance reasons, this application and the outside services related to it could present system logs, that are files that record interactions. They may contain some personal data too, like the user’s IP address.

Information non-disclosed in this policy

Further information related to personal data processing can be requested any time to the owner, by using the contact information at the beginning of this document.

Answer to “Do Not Track” requests

This application does not support “Do Not Track” requests. To find out whether the services supplied by third parties support them, the user is kindly asked to look at their privacy policy sections.

Changes to this privacy policy

The owner of the treatment has the right to modify this privacy policy section any time he thinks this is necessary, giving notice to the users on this page and, if possible, on this application. However, in the case in which this is technically and legally possible, the owner will sent a notification to the users via their contact information the owner himself can dispose of. For this reason, users are kindly advised to check this section on a regular basis, making reference to the latest changes’ date, stated at the bottom of the page.

In the case in which such changes are related to treatments whose legal base is consent, the owner will ask again for user’s consent when necessary.

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