1. Service modalities

We offer a straight-forward service in terms of usage, but very complex as for the technicalities, with attention to the smallest details, as it implies different steps of repairment. Our objective is to obtain the maximum reliability along time, esthetic accuracy and functioning perfection of the device you will entrust us.

We just demand a bit of patience to acquire all the necessary information now, to obtain the best result later.

Before purchasing our repairment service, you should send us one or two photos of the damaged screen or glass.

Starting communication is very important to us, via chat or phone calls, carried out by our commercial manager. He/she will decide whether or not your device is eligible for the repairment: indeed, in order for us to replace the external glass, it is a necessary condition that your internal display (LCD OLED) is perfectly functioning and that it is able to show pictures correctly, without bright lines or black spots.

Our commercial manager will take care of your order completely: from the repairment, to the shipment, to the creation and dispatch of the delivery note, together with keeping you up to date on any matter during the repairment procedure.

As for the Apple Watch, it is necessary to have via chat, available on any page of our website under the section “Chat with us”, or via mail two pictures of the screen turned on: in particular, one of the two has to show the App menu, while the other one should display the white screen (torch mode). We will store such pictures, to be sure that there are no black spots or damages on the LCD screen.

1.a. How can I send the pictures?

If you are using your iPhone, click the WhatsApp icon on the lower left-hand side of the website, open the chat and take two pictures of your Apple Watch from the iPhone itself and that’s it.

1.b. Shipment, packaging and timing. We are wherever you are!

  • We take care of both the pick-up and the delivery in each European country. The service is included within the check-out steps of any of our repairment services. Following the payment, you will receive a delivery note, via chat or email, that needs to be printed in three different parts: two of them must be put on the box together with the addressee and the bar code in a visible way, while you can keep the third one as a receipt of the shipment. You will hand out the package to the carrier, coming right at your house, within 48 hours from the purchase of the service, except for special requests to be arranged with the carrier itself.
  • In every European country: the pick-up and delivery timing varies along with you location, usually from 3 up to 5 working days, as it takes off from Italy.
  • It is possible to have, on request, an insurance on international shipments, but only if you have the receipt or a proof of the purchase. Otherwise, you can purchase our special service, “CAREFREE”, to obtain additional coverage in case of loss, theft or damages.
  • Your LCD screen is put under pressure and may suffers from hits, especially once your external glass is damaged. That is why it is very important that the box you prepare is able to keep the Apple Watch or iPhone as still as possible, to avoid any free movement that could bring additional and severe damages to your device: you can use any box you want, just be sure to pack it in the safest way possible. We suggest the use of a lot of bubble wrap, but if you ran out of it, we suggest you to completely wrap it with common cotton wool. In this way, your device will be safe and will not suffer additional stress.
  • For the repairment, the box needs to contain the watch case or the iPhone only, since we do not ship back original packaging. Also, do not put in the box straps or accessories, cables or power supplies if not specifically requested for further investigations.
  1. Payment

We have included all the payment methods you can benefit from. The majority of our customers choose to pay through PayPal, since it is considered as the safest and easiest way to do so. Actually, also the other payment methods are safe and reliable, as Stripe through a credit card, via bank transfer or countersign: the latter allows you to pay cash directly to the carrier at the end of the repairment procedure and not at the initial step of the order.

  1. Will the device be waterproof once the repairment is done?

Absolutely not! We do not release any warranty related to contact with liquids: we kindly ask you not to soak your device after the repairment. During the repairment procedure, we put under the screen a white warranty sticker that will turn red whenever the inner part of your watch is in contact with any liquid. Any misfunctioning caused by contact with liquids, that enacts an indicator lamp of warranty, automatically makes the warranty invalid (which is valid for 3 months after the emission of the receipt, as the law requires it to be).

Warranty. How long does it last and what does it cover?

According to the law, we release a fiscal receipt warranty of 3 months starting from the receipt’s emission date. The warranty covers and can be enabled in case:

  • of evident esthetic defects
  • of malfunctioning caused by our actions
  • the screen turned off without a reason or is evidently not functioning
  • the screen restarts or is not connected

In such cases, you can immediately ask for a pick-up included in the warranty without further payment. In case of broken glass once the repaired device is received, the warranty does not cover for any damage due to hits or dropping or contact with liquids, as in the case of presence of oxide and detonation of the humidity-sensitive warranty seal.

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  • Avatar alfredo marciano ★★★★★ 3 mesi fa
    Conosciuti con una semplice ricerca in rete. Professionali e seri. Riparazione effettuata nei tempi stabiliti. La mia unica perplessità era per il touch dell'apple … More watch: perfetto. Consigliato
  • Avatar Simone Bissola ★★★★★ 3 mesi fa
    Ottima esperienza sia nelle riparazioni sia nel post vendita. Io ho fatto riparare un apple Watch ed è tornato come nuovo! Consigliatissimo!
  • Avatar Fabio Soleo ★★★★★ 2 settimane fa
    Azienda seria. Hanno salvato il mio Apple Watch. Dopo la riparazione hanno eseguito una diagnosi e risultava la batteria con una percentuale di carica bassa. Sono … More precisi e veloci nelle comunicazioni. Azienda TOP
  • Avatar Alessandro Amante ★★★★★ a week ago
    Confermo le recensioni che ho letto prima di inviargli il mio Apple watch con vetro rotto. Molto professionali e organizzati, riparazione perfetta. darei 6 stelle … More
  • Avatar Riccardo Padula ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Professionali e cordiali. Apple Watch 6 con vetro rotto, sistemato, ritornato come nuovo. Veramente un ottimo lavoro. Grazie mille
  • Avatar Daniele Cusumano ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Che dire, professionali , disponibilissimi tramite whatsapp, veloci ed economicamente convenienti rispetto ad Apple!. Pienamente soddisfatto . Consiglio vivamente … More .
    Giudicate il prima e dopo dalle foto in allegato.
    Grazie ancora .
  • Avatar silvano pacifici ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Hanno riparato perfettamente il vetro rotto del mia Apple Watch SE per meno di 150 Euro. Per me sono i numeri 1 in Italia per professionalità ed imbattibili sul … More prezzo.
  • Avatar Bruno pusceddu ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Tutto perfetto. Tempi di riparazione vista la distanza piuttosto brevi. Ottima assistenza. Apple Watch perfetto come nuovo.

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